Solar Hybrid / Grid Connect Systems With Battery Storage

Solar power systems involve concentrating sunlight on small, super-efficient solar cells. They are configured intelligently to extract concentrated sunlight. It can be stored and used to generate electricity later. Researchers are seeking ways to make solar cells more resistant to high temperatures. Combining the power of two different solar technologies can generate hybrid solar power that works even in the dark of night, or in cloudy weather conditions.

Installing a solar hybrid power system will enable your grid connected Solar Power System to provide electricity at all times through a duly sized battery storage bank. Your building will still be connected to the electricity grid, which means you will be able to take our power from the grid when demand is high and solar gain is low, and also export and add electricity to the grid in times of high solar gain.

With Lilojo, managing your energy is now possible. We offer you a convenient and simple way to store energy and use it anytime that you need it. The Lilojo Solar Hybrid can be easily integrated, allowing you to take control of your energy right away.

Lilojo Solar Hybrid offers you many benefits, including:

 Control over your power bill – Make use of load shifting to aid you in storing energy from the sun and using it when electricity bills are high.

 Independence from the Grid – Make your own choices about when and how to use power.

 Reliability – You will never have to worry about a power shortage.

 Peace of Mind – Even if the grid goes down, you still have power.

Solar Hybrid is a green power and a renewable source of energy. With solar power, you can use lighting and Electric Powered appliances without paying high costs. We offer a range of hybrid solar solutions from small backup systems to provide a power supply in times of power outages. Installing solar hybrid energy in your home or business means that you won’t have to worry about losing power or facing large electricity bills.