Solar power solutions Victorian

Solar Power Solutions Victorian

Living an eco-friendly life helps protect our environment and can help you cut your power costs. Solar power solutions Victoria have helped many people to lower the cost of living by installing a suitably designed solar system to provide renewable energy to their property or workplace.

If you are currently looking to install a solar power system to reduce your electricity bill it is essential to understand that every system can be different.

Everybody uses power differently, some households might have large families and therefore be high consumers of electricity, others might not have access to gas meaning that heating and hot water are controlled using electricity which can be expensive. With this in mind it is important to take all these things into consideration when choosing or designing the correct solar system. Solar power solutions Victoria are CEC accredited installers which means we both design and Install Solar Solutions to meet your needs.

Why Solar Solutions Victoria

    • Recover your investment sooner with a carefully designed system
    • Save on electricity cost
    • The latest technology
    • User-friendly
    • Customized solutions
    • Commitment to service
    • Highly experienced workforce

Services We Offer

Caring for our environment has never been easier, solar solutions Victoria has introduced Grid Connect Solar Energy Systems at very competitive prices. Our company has gained recognition as clean energy council design and installation accredited contractors. Our customized solar solution can help you to reduce your energy costs. When it comes to installing a solar power system in your home, our solar power design team is ready to help you every step of the way from a thought to installed.

We will help and advise you in choosing the correct solar Inverter, solar modules and mounting system that will last for many years. We offer workmanship warranties and power guaranties on our solar products. We want your solar experience to be the best, offering peace of mind providing you a complete and professional service.

Maintaining Your Investment


Your Solar PV system is a great source of renewable energy and can actually be the best solution as far as power challenges are involved. Solar panels are considered a care free renewable energy as there are no moving parts to lubricate or wear out. However, over time, solar panels will lose efficiency to convert solar light into clean electrical energy. Why will this be so? Dust, dirt, algae, mold, leaves, debris and others things can all affect the amount of sun that reaches your solar system.

Although many people believe it is difficult, the maintenance and care of solar panels is quite simple and does not require any advanced technical tools. If your roofing is flat and the panels are fitted flat on the roofing, then it is essential to ensure that leaves, dust and debris never accumulate on them. In fact, a partly covered solar panel will generate less power thereby making the whole system less productive.

Solar panels fitted at an angle are incredibly easy to clean compared to those fitted flat and in fact should self clean to a degree. Bird droppings and dust can accumulate on the array over time resulting in lower daily yields.

Cleaning of solar panels should be handled according to the manufacturer’s instructions using only materials that will not damage or harm the surface of the panel. It is advisable you employ the service of professional electrical installers in Victoria.


1. Efficiency: When the surface is cleaned from all dust, dirt, debris and others things, the amount of sun that reaches your solar panel increases and it becomes more effective in power generation.

2. Saving Cost: Preventative maintenance of your solar system saves you from unnecessary repair expenses.

3. Durability: Correct maintenance of the solar system extends your hardware lifespan.

Although, maintaining your solar system by yourself may save you money, using the services of a professional company to do regular maintenance work is recommended to ensure your solar system remains in safe working condition to maximize your annual yield.

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In Conclusion, as fantastic as solar is poor maintenance can results in poor output!!