Solar Standalone Power Systems

The Solar Stand Alone System makes use of solar panels to charge large batteries, which are subsequently used to power our appliances throughout the day and night. This system is commonly used in areas where connection to the electricity distribution network is costly or impossible.

It’s also a power solution that is well suited for those who don’t want to be connected to the electricity grid!

Over the years, Lilojo has designed and installed many stand-alone power systems using quality components. Each solar system is unique and should be tailored to your needs and geographic location. Our team of solar experts has extensive knowledge regarding stand alone power systems.

Function of Solar Stand Alone System
The renewable source of Energy Saving, Solar Power, is generated and stored in a battery bank. An Inverter then converts power when needed into AC current for use. A generator is commonly used as a backup power source for the system. The power stored can be used for lighting, pumps, refrigeration etc whenever needed.

Solar Stand Alone – Main Components

Our Off-Grid Solar Panels kits are specifically designed by an accredited installer. Each kit is comprised of all the required components for a complete standalone solar power system, including:

Solar panels
Backup in the form of generators
Roof mounting brackets

If you do not have easy access to the electricity grid in your place, we would recommend installing a standalone system. Speak with our system designers to achieve your ideal renewable power solution.